The Empty Inkwell is where I spill ink about life as a Christian, writer, and awkward mortal. It is for anyone whose life has been touched by ink—whether God’s Word, books, or the need to write.

But you needn’t be a writer to follow TEI or to relate. It just so happens that I view life through the Word of God and process it from the point of a pen. But there’s more to life than writing—and that’s a lot to write about. Join in as this writer empties her inkwell from the overflow of her heart.

Who am I?
Briggs_2015 - croppedMy name is Meagan Briggs and I am a Christian, writer, editor, and a Christian Writers Guild graduate. I write historical fiction with ponderable premises and contemplative characters. If a what-if won’t let me go, I create characters to contend with that complication and a plot that leads them (and me) on a ride of discovery, struggle, thrills, and lots of editing.

I love hearing from readers and connecting via social media. You can find me on FacebookTwitter, and at my website.

A dozen facts about me:

  • I stare out windows. A lot. (It’s one of my job description.)
  • I spent the latter part of my growing-up years in New Zealand.
  • My favorite authors are Lynn Austin and Charlotte Bronte.
  • Onions make me sneeze. Considering the alternative, I’m not complaining.
  • The glass if half full. I have logic to back me up.
  • I’m twelfth generation American. (Yes, I enjoy genealogy.)
  • No day is complete without a few cups of tea and coffee.
  • Sometimes I enjoy editing more than writing. Sick, I know…
  • I was homeschooled from kindergarten through twelfth grade.
  • I prefer barns over malls.
  • After sunset, I turn into a philosopher.
  • If I could be anything other than a novelist someday, I’d want to be the an acquisition editor for historical fiction.




3 comments on “About

  1. Hey, Meagan. I came across your blog from reading a comment on Donna Smith’s blog. You might want to check out the blog of a friend of mine, Larry Ellis, at labeak52blog.wordpress.com. You two have similar interests. See you around the internet.



  2. Or maybe this, also from Larry. https://labeak4652.wordpress.com/
    Don’t mean to be pushy, just sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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